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Who is the Untamed Goddess? 

She is a woman on a path of discovery; a journey of remembering. That will uncover the elements of her heart, mind, body and soul that makes up her full vibrant wholeness. She knows that authentic self-love and acceptance comes from embracing her dark and her light. She makes a commitment to allow herself to go to the places she may be afraid off, to heal her wounds and her conditioning. She is a wild and natural creature, dancing to the beat of her own drum. She feels deep down within her bones that there is more. She's focused on her desire to experience a life filled with peace, love, joy, sensuality and passion. She is a woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants, a powerful force filled with instincts, innate wisdom and endless knowing.

The gifts of this woman are within You. She is ready to awaken when you are.


With each step, she painted a new picture of herself
With every inhale and exhale she created a new reality
For the first time, so strong and so free that nothing and no one around her could penetrate her core
She holds a quiet confidence that screams out loud
So humble yet so strong
So stable yet a wild passion burns through her being
Thus able to give without need, and receive with the greatest of love
She was not born this way; she sculpted her path
When the world created chaos around her, she kept picking herself up and adding another log to her fire
She threw away the need to gain acceptance from a system that was constantly telling her she was not enough
Instead replacing it with her unwavering power that lay deep within
She concurred her demons and wore her scars like wings that brought forth her innate voice, her truth and her wisdom
She reclaimed her place on this earth
And in doing so reclaimed it for the many sisters that were ready to do the same
No longer could she be thrown into the fire
She was the fire, one that could never be extinguished

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open the door to your truth






download your free goddess path moontime calendar

Walking the path of the Goddess begins by attuning your body and rhythms to the earth and the lunar cycles. We as women as beautiful messy cyclical creatures. We have forgotten the deep connection that we hold with Mother Earth and the power of bringing ourselves back to her. The more we can embrace her presence and understand her movements the more we can trust in ourselves and like the seasons and cycles our ever changing needs, moods and desires. 

Always know the moon phase, and the elemental energies of the month to enable you to attune and work with these powerful forces of nature. This calendar goes hand in hand with the Walk the Goddess Path 6-month Journey.


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Are you open...

To uncover the truth of who you really are?

To live in your most authentic, radiant and sensual feminine power?

To discover how to embody your fullness and feel your feminine life force guide your daily life?

To feel deeply in touch with your desires and passions?

To be spirituality aligned, able to communicate with nature and the Divine openly and freely?

To become a Creatress in your life?