Our sexuality is the powerhouse of healing, awakening, and creativity at every level. It directly impacts the quality of life that we experience. It's the portal for our connection into our physical and spiritual bodies. Tuning in to this energy tunes you in your fundamental aspects of Self; your authenticity, your values and your radiance.

Our sexuality and sexual energy express itself through the connection we have with ourselves, as well as with our intimate partners.

Cultivating a practice of self-love and self-pleasure is the gift we have to tap into this powerful expression of life force energy. One that not only heals and restores the mind and body through vital medicine being sent to our endocrine and neurological systems. But one that can awaken clarity and passion, driving your movement, thoughts and actions; the vital force that you call on to engage with the world. For this, we need honour ourselves with regular and joyful practices of self sexual pleasure and touch. We need to carve out time in our lives to tune into our needs and desires. Create sacred space. Give ourselves everything that we dream of and desire from another. You are the other in this moment. You get to decide exactly how and what to call in or fantasise about.

If nothing is taboo, nothing is off limits.

How do you like your mind to be turned on?

How do you like your body to be seduced? 

How do honour and cherish you being and soul?

Show your physical (body) and spiritual (soul) that you see and honour their entirety.

This honouring of Self may take a period of time to be entirely available to us in it’s fullest expression, due to the stories, fears or beliefs that may block us mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually. However when we are committed, and we allow ourselves to bring to the surface, acknowledge, witness and heal any of the personal, cultural and ancestral trauma and wounding that we carry. We enable ourselves to begin this journey back to our wild, sensual, untamed, sacred sexual and sensual nature. The nature that is our birthright; or true state of being.

It is at this time, when we allow ourselves to embody our natural sexual Self, we can enter confidently into partnership, bringing a pure sense of undefended love, lust, wholeness and consciousness.

In intimate connection with another, we move into the realms of sexual energy expressed through the sexual essence we bring to the union. These masculine and feminine essences create an intricate dance of polarity between two people. This arch of polarity can be created between mf, mm, ff depending on their essence. Without this arch, a powerful sexual connection; passion, desire, lust will not be there. When we have done the work to clear and awaken our sexual energy we have access to this polarisation easily. I believe though that this can be created within any partnership. It is a dance. One that needs to be nurtured if an instant polarisation is not available. 

To create this polarity, we first must know what the others sexual essence is. Are they are more masculine or a more feminine essence. This could be for either gender. It can be swapped whenever is desired. Sexual polarity is not required for love so you can be in love or in a relationship with someone that has the same essence as you. But if you want to create any kind of fireworks, there will need to be a more masculine and a more feminine partner.  

Your sexual essence is the core of who you are. If you have a masculine sexual essence, then you will seek purpose and mission. Driven by ’something’ that you have to do before you die. If you have a more feminine essence, you will search for love and want to live your expression as giving and receiving love.

There are times in intimate partnership that we will enter into a relationship with another who’s sexual essence is that same as ours. This will create challenges when it comes to having a lustful, passionate sexual connection. One or the other partner will need to be comfortable to take on a more masculine or a more feminine role to create this powerful.

Once we have identified our sexual essence, then it's about dropping entirely into those roles to create the polarity. When we are a feminine essence, we breathe love. We let love live through us. In our words and our actions. We are the flow of life, being, living, breathing, dancing. This instantly polarises with the masculine, whose essence is one of full presence and consciousness. Holding and guiding the unbounded flow of the feminine energy. Their desire to guide and ravish us in sexual ecstasy brings forth an explosive opportunity to be seen, witnessed and cherished for who we are. Unlocking gifts, purpose, passion as well as healing on many levels.

And this… all of this, is the magic of sexual union, intimacy and connection! 

I shared a conversation between my intimate partner and I on my blog which dives into this juicy topic

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