Is Sacred Union the Creative Power of the Soul?


Anything to do with the union of two souls excites me

It fuels me with a passion and an energy that not many other things do

The idea that two can come together to explore and share their deepest most heart felt desires

That they can experience a connection which can peel back all of the layers that they have placed upon themselves in their lifetime and be free

A kind of freedom which comes from being witnessed and held by another

The kind of freedom which allows you to feel and be love without boundaries or expectations of anything but the truth of who you are

All of your flaws, all of your mistakes mean nothing

At that moment your soul is met by a soul that sees your true essence

The you that has been hidden and shamed

At that moment there is an opportunity to create an energy between you through the oneness of each other

The male can sense and feel the ecstatic love and bliss of the feminine completely opened and surrendered

Excreting love from all particles of her being

She in contrast can feel the safety and presence of the masculine

His strength his integrity his consciousness holding her and giving her room to move and grow

The sheer joy and bliss that comes to the masculine and feminine during this process is what lights a fire within my soul

The capabilities that we have as individuals and as partners when we met in this euphoric state is unsurpassed

The electric energy which is created can manifest anything into being and can create huge shifts in our lives and in the world

This is a deeper kind of love

It is not a love which is used to satisfy ourselves

It is not a love which is used to satisfy our partners

It is a love which is used to bring a new level of consciousness to the healing of all things

We have this power

We truly hold the key to create this deeper kind of love within ourselves and the world

Each time I self-pleasure and connect to the Divine I send love and blessings to all those that need it

I use my sexual energy for the expansion of all others and mankind

We are here to serve and to rise

I am here to use the gift I have within my sexual openness and energy to serve and enlighten others to the powers that they hold within themselves doing the same

To help awaken men and women to their truth

To help them to peel back that ancestral consciousness that they have brought forward with them telling them that they are not good enough, worthy or right to feel and be  exactly as they are

We are still carrying the shame and the pain of the past

Awakening to our life force and the Divine Goddess within, allows us to become changemakers for ourselves our children, the next generation and our wider community

Are you open?

Are you willing to do the inner work?

Are you ready to experience the ecstatic bliss, and creative power of the Union of Souls?