Sacred Union of the Inner Masculine and Feminine

What is your sexual essence?

No matter what your gender; 

Do you think of yourself as a more masculine essence (is your energy more independent and analytical, do you guide, hold space and act out of a pure strong consciousness mindset)?

Or are you a more feminine essence (are you loving, joyful and flowing with life. Are you connected to your body, guided by your heart and your intuition, compassion, emotion and truth)?

Male or female, we hold both masculine and feminine within us. We may just identify with either energy more strongly.



For the most part of my life, I was living in my masculine. The shadow side of the masculine. I was driven and forceful. I lived from the neck up, making decisions from this place, and always striving to make it in our patriarchal society.

It wasn’t until I embarked on a journey of healing after becoming mentally and physically broken, that I became aware of, and embodied my feminine essence.

Feminine essence is Life Force itself and as blissful and joyful it can be living and being guided from this place. Being too much in our feminine creates an imbalance which can swing the other way. We can become weak and can lose our ability to really make our dreams come to fruition. We can continually seek something outside of ourselves, Giving away our personal power.

Bringing these two polarities, or essences into Union opens us up to the opportunity of creating a life of deep and meaningful wholeness. We can experience joy, creative passion and pleasure at the same time as being strong and motivated with a warriors heart.

This union not only allows us to manifest and create in the world. It also brings a deep sense of wholeness to our emotional centre and self-worth.

How many of you crave to be loved and held?

How many of your long to be seen and witnessed in all your beauty?

How many of you deeply desire a partner, thinking that, that other someone will complete you?

For so long I have craved, longed and desired the same.

It wasn’t until very recently when I had a life-changing experience of bringing both my masculine and feminine essences into sacred union that I fully understood what is meant to feel whole. For me, it has been the deepest sense of relief and release I have ever experienced. I literally feel complete. I am no longer searching for something or someone. I feel a new sense of confidence self-love and acceptance and ability to live my purpose right from my core.

I’m deeply passionate about sharing and helping others to bring into balance and heal the masculine and the feminine in both their inner and outer worlds. In my view, This is what will have the greatest impact on humankind as we know it.

Have a beautiful weekend!!!.

Much love

Emma Beth xxx