When we Unite and Remember, we Heal Ourselves and the Planet

Today I'm called to honouring all the women; the incredible Sisters in my life!

Beautiful women, each and every one of you have played a major role in my life. You have supported me, inspired me, been there through the joyful bits, the shitty bits and everything in between. You have witnessed me, held me, mentored me and guided me. Contributed, facilitated and been a part of changing the trajectory of my journey and path.

I honour you, I see you, I love you all. You women are all such powerful and inspiring souls. I am forever grateful for you presence.


Watching the Goddess Trilogy (The Burning Times, Goddess Remembered & Full Circle) last night. I wept and my body ached at the horrors of what collectively we have experienced and are dealing with. What we are trying so hard to unlearn and the truth of what needs to be remembered. I have intellectualised all of this information many times before, but watching it in this way has brought so much to the surface. So many ancestral wounds from those that have come before me. I feel the burnings deep in my soul. I feel them rising up in me. Watching the sufferings of the midwives, the healers, the witches, the visionaries and the wise women brought me to my knees.

I feel it so profoundly in my body today! I feel nauseous, my lower back is aching, and my heart is heavy as I recall the moments of not only the burning times, but how we collectively as women have gone from being revered and respected to being owned and treated in such disgusting ways. We all hold these wounds. Whether we are conscious of them or not. They are so deeply ingrained within us. Our only way home is to remember who we are. Our true essence and place on this earth. We have the power to bring back life, to share our gifts, to speak our truth. To be the healers, the witches and the wise women in our communities so that we may heal the planet.

If I am deeply honest and vulnerable. This sadness I feel, is playing out for me by making me want to get small and hide. But I will not! I will not revert inside! I will move this through my body and feel the call once more. The pain is deep, but it is only confirmation of what I have been brought to this earth to heal with my Sisters.

This image may hold the faces of those closest to me, but it represents all women. It represents my need and desire to create a movement of women to come together to continue the work that our Sisters who have come before us have started. To bring a new level of consciousness to our world. To bring back into the balance the Masculine and the Feminine and a deep reverence each other and human kind. This is big!!! I can feel it, we are on the verge of something greater and more powerful than we could have ever possibly dreamt or imagined before.

I invite all you beautiful women reading this to take 3hrs out of your time to watch these documentaries. Feel into what they mean to you.

Much love beautiful Sisters xxx