The Untamed Goddess Awakens

Eeeek!!! Hello beautiful Woman

I'm sitting here (15:53 on the 2nd January 2018) feeling into my heart as to how I will compose my first piece of writing for the birth of what feels like a newborn child.

I'll start with a wishing you a very Happy and Blessed New Year! May 2018 be your year of magic, passion, creativity, desire, growth, healing, empowerment, courage, trust, joy, peace.... insert any other adjectives which call to you here :) 

For me, I am starting my year with re-birth. Nurturing and growing the seed of life that will be planted into the world to serve as a light and a space of holding and guidance for all the women who are ready to take the journey home to

Remember Who They Are

It is safe to say I have unknowingly been working towards this day for a very long time. Since the day I was born to be exact. Every life experience, every story, the dark, the light, and everything in between has given me the foundation and prepared me for today. To get here, I have climbed many mountains and pushed through many blocks and fears. But one thing that I know now for sure is when you are 'called' to do a certain something in this world, that's it! There's no turning back once you accept your position and open your heart. To say I am excited would be the biggest understamnet of the cetury!!! (can you tell by my face hehe)

So with those very words, I would like to introduce you to

Untamed Goddess!!!

A co-creation with the Universe and She, the wondrous Divine


She brought me to my knees a few years ago

She helped me to wake up and hear her call

She taught me what it meant to surrender and let go of control

She healed my heart, my mind, my body and my soul

She took me home to my Sacred Feminine essence

She gave me the voice and courage to bring my gifts and my passion to the world

To awaken the hearts and souls of all those feeling the pain and the struggle of trying to show up and trying to 'make it' in a masculine dominated world. Those feelings of having lost themselves as complete entities, unable to be free to embrace their soul's expression and everything that is innately and wildly woman.

I invite you today to listen to the audio clip on my ABOUT page and to explore my website. Take a deep breath, open your heart to the message I am sharing, and the guidance I am offering you. If you are feeling the same struggles many of the women I have worked with share

You are not alone

There is a community of women; of soul sisters who are waiting to share this journey with you.

I can assure you beautiful woman, when you embrace your beauty and your authentic nature, it will allow you to awaken to your wisdom and trust in yourself. It will help you to eliminate fear. It will create a rooted sense of self-love deep within you, and (like me) it will even give you the gifts to heal physical disease.

You have come to this place, not knowing why. It has pricked your heart. Here you will find what you have been missing. Here you will find the home you have craved, full of soul sisters who want more from their lives. They want to live more alive, love more deeply, feel passion, creativity and light a fire in their hearts. These women see into you; they see all of you, the pain you've felt, the power you hold and the beauty that shines through every part of you. They beckon you to come, to sit around their fire, to take off your armour and be you - the you that's been hidden away and covered up. It's the you that's been tamed, if you will, by a world that fears the power of the Untamed Goddess inside of you.