Untamed Goddess Book Club


Unleashed - Untamed - Unapologetic

Do you love to get lost in a book? Do you find yourself craving to get to know yourself better and expanding your reality through the words and inspiration of your favourite authors? Knowing deep down that empowered, educated women will make a huge impact on the world when they rise and stand together. 

You and I are going to be great friends!!

You may find that within your circle of friends that you are inspired and reading books that you aren't able to share and talk about to the depths that you would like too. The parts that moved you, the parts that made your entire body contract, your heart ache or give you a feeling of sheer bliss. 

Our safe Untamed Goddess Sister Circle is just the space that you have been looking for... a place to share, celebrate and rise

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I would love for you to join me...


As I create this space for us to come together and be heard and held. Each month we will dive deeply into the books that have inspired me, awakened me and opened me up to the limitless possibilities that are available to us in our lifetimes. We will read our books together throughout the month and then come together at the the end of the month in online circle to share.  



At the beginning of each month I will announce the book we will dive into together in the Untamed Sexual Goddess online community. The next three months books are also posted below for those of you who like me stay awake late at night under the covers as you just can't get enough hehe. 



Throughout the month I will post topics for discussion within the Untamed Goddess online community to spark conversation and connection. At the end of the month, I will host a Zoom call for all of us to come together to share our insights, learning, words, wisdom, feeling anything else that has arisen. I will create safe space to allow you to be witnessed, held and celebrated. 



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Book Selections: July - August - September 

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