Living The Untamed Way



If you have heard or felt 'the call', you will sense strong urges deep within your body to search for and be something more. Your current beliefs and conditioning may hold you back, you may think you are wrong to feel or desire in this way. What if these urges are in fact longings connected with your divinity, a deep spiritual desire to become more fully embodied and aware?

We as women have innate gifts of intuitive feeling, seeing and hearing. These are the very things which connect us to ourselves and the source of all life; Mother Earth. Our world has created a box within which women are contained to live only inside 'acceptable' roles. These gifts have been forgotten and lost as we have moved further and further away form our feminine essence, choosing instead to try and 'make it' in a masculine dominated world. We have lost ourselves as complete entities who are free to embrace our souls expression and everything that is woman. Embracing our fullness allows us to awaken to our wisdom and trust in ourselves. It helps us to eliminate fear, creates a rooted sense of self-love, and even has the ability to heal physical disease.

The Living The Untamed Way Movement is a sisterhood of women on a journey of remembering. They come to empower themselves and to untame themselves back to their authentic nature. The journey is an ongoing commitment that will take us places that we may not want to go. It is only through going to these deep, dark places that we can find our way home.

Are you open...

To uncover the truth of who you really are?

To live in your most authentic, radiant and sensual feminine power?

To discover how to embody your fullness and feel your feminine life force guide your daily life?

To feel deeply in touch with your desires and passions?

To be spirituality aligned, able to communicate with nature and the Divine openly and freely?

To become a Creatrix in your life?

As you step into circle with your sisters, you will begin to see and feel the shifts in your life, experiencing what is truly available to you, as you allow yourself to recognize the pleasures of everyday life. When women come together in circle to embrace and celebrate each other's authentic beauty and power immeasurable change happens.


What is available through joining the community

The community will be opening circle on the 16th April 2018 after the first Untamed Goddess (The Sacred Feminine - Journey of Remembering) workshop. Please see the events page to join me.

Joining our community is not a practice of learning something new to enhance and develop who you are. Instead, it is an invitation to strip away the excess, through tapping into ancient tools and practices. It's an opportunity to look deep within and embrace the idea that everything you have ever needed is already inside of you. Whether you are only starting out on your journey or are further down your untamed path, the content aims to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be. You will get out of it exactly what you need at this time in your life.

That is the gift of the Divine within us and Divine timing. We are all called to embark on our own journey at exactly the right time in our lives. It’s whether we listen to the call be before we are initiated into the fire by force.

  This is an ongoing program where each week we will dive into a different aspect of ourselves, uncovering the hidden secrets that lie within working with Earth Wisdom, Body Wisdom, Menstrual Cycles, Goddess Archetypes, Sensuality, Plant Wisdom, Essential oils, Movement and Sound. It will be mystical and magical. We will go deep, raw, wild, sensual, and passionate. 

  • A weekly 60 min talk and Q&A session led by myself
  • A community where you can connect with sisters who are living and journeying into the Untamed Way (A closed Facebook group)
  • Daily inspirations and reflection topics 
  • Weekly sound and movement practices 
  • Monthly guest speakers 
  • Discounts on live workshops and other events.

weekly calls

Weekly calls will take place via Zoom and will be an opportunity to ask questions, get answers quickly and bring your thoughts and reflection to the community for us to co create together. They will be held on a Thursday at 12pm BST. The calls will be recorded for those of you that are unable to attend live.



£15 per month

Becoming our fullest selves is a journey of the soul: mythical, magical, transformative. it requires of us to surface from the depths of our psyches what we may not want to see, know or feel... are we brave enough to own its existence within us... You say you want ot be whole and free? First then decend. Find the gold hidden in your heart and belly. This is your rite of passge home.
— ALisa Starkweather