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The Dance with Eros - Meeting your Authentic Sexual Expression through Dance

  • Venue TBC Near London UK (map)
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The Dance with Eros is an introductory one day workshop in which I invite you to look deeper into yourself to uncover what lies hidden underneath. Before we were made to conform to an ideal of what it meant to be a woman, there was a time when sexual women ruled the world. They were independent, empowered and embodied love. Their energy flowed through every crevice of the earth with the capacity to heal and restore. The traits of these women are within us all. If we are open to uncover the truths that lay hidden underneath and we work through the layers of our conditioning and wounding, we can access the gifts that will tune us into our potent power and Divine sexuality. 

As women of the 21st century we are working through thousands of years of our sexuality having been controlled, repressed, denounced, shamed and judged. We have even been punished and killed for expressing this part of nature!!! It is no wonder that we are afraid to express the fullness of who we are through our sexual expression. With porn and advertising using sexuality as a tool for exploitation and manipulation we are also bound by our current conditioning as to what we should look like, sound like or act like to attract, please or keep the masculine. 

Our sexual energy is a powerhouse of healing, awakening and creativity at every level. It directly impacts the quality of life that we experience. It is a portal for our connection into our physical and spiritual bodies, and it has the intensity to allow us to manifest a life of joy, love and bliss. Tuning in to this energy tunes you in your core self, your authentic self, your values and your radiance. 

The energetic blocks which have been created within you from personal, cultural and ancestral wounding don't allow you to experience this energy as your source of life force and creativity.   

Whether you are only starting out on your journey of exploration into sexuality or you are a little further down your path, this workshop will meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be. No previous experience is necessary to attend. Your body is a wise intuitive vessel that will guide you through this exploration to the exact place you are ready to go to or to heal. 

We will invite and invoke through the soul expression of dance and movement the Goddess archetypes of Maiden, Medicine Woman, Wild Woman, Erotic Lover and Priestess. Their invitation to you is to commit to going deep to uncover their gifts and what they can offer you to explore and experience a connection to your own true essence and divinity, your connection to your fully expressed Self, sexuality, eroticism and authentic expression in the world. 


Open to your softness, your vulnerability and excitement. She is full of curiosity and joy. She gifts you the ebb and the flow of femininity and sexuality, the fertile seasonal pleasures. The openness to give and receive love without need and with the greatest of pleasure. 

Medicine Woman

Release what is wounded within. Your trauma, your conditioning your beliefs. The pain that you have carried for lifetimes. She gifts you healing and awakening, clarity to see the path and feel her energy. She invites you to open your heart, to allow yourself to take the risk again. To allow yourself and your soul to experience pleasure and connection, to connect to your true essence and higher self 

Wild Woman

Dance the wild through your entire being. Release and let go, of your fear, your anxiety, your materialism, your lust for power. She gives voice to your primal carnal cravings and instincts. She allow you to scream your intensity, to go to your darker depths, to the wild, untamed aggressive parts. Revealing the purity of what lies hidden within. 

Erotic Lover

Experience the erotic and ecstatic. Open up to the naughty, playful exhibitionist face of your femininity. She allow you to cut through the shame and the guilt, The need to compare and be validated from external sources. Let her gift you the embodiment of owning your darkness and your light. Embracing your passion, your creativity, your inner beauty and wholeness. 


Deepen you connection yourself and to the oneness of creation and life. She will gift you the experience of the depth of universal love and intelligence. Create a bond with your Divine essence and to Mother Nature. Connecting the spiritual with the sexual and mystical with the magical. Allow yourself to open to the possibilities that your life force and your sexual potency has the power to manifest. 

If you have experienced any of the below struggles you are not alone. These are some of the reoccurring and consistent pain points that women I have worked with have in common. If any of these statements move you or you feel resonance in your body then joining me for this workshop will begin opening the doors to a new way of being for you.

“I feel stuck, restless, unfilled and incomplete. I keep thinking/wishing there must be more to life.”

“I am struggling in all my relationships. I long for deeper love and to be seen and heard.”

“I wish I knew what it felt like to truly love myself. I wish I could look in the mirror and know what it felt like to smile back at the reflection I see.”

“I struggle to set boundaries for myself. I am constantly saying yes to please people and then draining myself and feeling resentful.”

"I am so self critical and I am constantly comparing myself to other women.”

“I live in my head, over thinking and analysing everything, struggling to control every outcome.”

“Since I had children I have lost complete sight of who I am. I wish I could feel more sensuality and sexuality and a desire and passion for life.”

“I don’t think I have ever had an orgasm or felt what it feels like to be truly desired and loved.”


Workshops are one-day events held either on Saturday or Sunday from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm with a lunch break from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Your investment will include 5 sacred essential oil blends that have been hand blended and blessed by the Goddess. They will help to support your healing and awakening journey on the day and moving forward. A healthy nutritious organic lunch and teas and biscuits will also be provided.

All you will need to bring is a journal and pen. You may wish and are most welcome to bring any items that mean something to you or from your alter, or blankets, cushions that you love. Blankets and comfortable seating will be provided so are not essential.

This is a journey of exploration and remembering; to open the doors to you to embrace your sexuality and connect you to your heart and body. I will not be teaching you something new to enhance and develop who you are. Instead, I will invite you to strip away the excess; It is an opportunity to look deep within and embrace the idea that everything you have ever needed is already inside of you.


The investment in this one day workshop is only £150. This includes 5 sacred essential oil blends that have been hand blended and blessed by the Goddess. 


Saturday 28th July 2018

9:30am - 4:30pm 

Venue to be confirmed (it will be in two hours travelling distance from London)

Please express your interest by filling out the form below. I will be in contact to confirm your place and take payment on the venue has been secured.

This workshop will be limited to 15 women to allow for an intimate and held space for us to open and journey in. To ensure a place, please register your interest early.  

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Emma went through a number of life-changing experiences in a tremendously short space of time that plunged her into the darkness and forced her to completely let go of control and what she thought she knew as reality. Without any idea of the path she was about to embark on and with only a faint whisper of an intuitive voice as her guide she surrendered everything and began a holistic journey to discover her true essence and spirit.

During the process, she successfully healed her cervical cancer, arthritis and psoriasis naturally. Reclaiming and reconnecting with her wild dark and messy cyclical nature. Now fully awakened to her Divine sexual expression and feminine power, Emma guides and facilitates women to coming home to their same authentic truth having gained her training and experience in a number of areas including spiritual sexual healing and awakening, intuitive spiritual guidance, energy healing, shamanic drumming, plant medicines, theta healing, sacred feminine embodiment, emotional mindfulness, and mind/heart/body connection.

The Dance with Eros: Despite all of our best efforts, Eros will not be silenced. Eros is still here whether it shows up in secret shameful desires or secret shameful eating... in rebellious acts of sexual delight or lonely acts of sexual desperation. The erotic is in our buildings and bridges, our high art and low porn. It is what the body wants and what we refuse to give it... It is the desire swept so far under the rug that we can’t even name it anymore, yet it is still here. The erotic is waiting, curious and hungry, growing impatient for our acceptance. Ready to leap out at unexpected and inopportune moments. The domestication of our primate souls cannot stamp it out, nor the threat of stoning nor shame nor even the threat of death. Even when Eros appears to have surrendered beneath a sea of calm, measured reason and propriety it is there... diverted into the car purchase, the affair, the internet shopping spree, the constant surfing and yearning to fill the empty spaces in our souls. As we move forward we will begin to hold hands with Eros, unfettered, free and un-diverted into the thousand sublimations our culture demands. It is our life force! We shall embrace this doorway into our aliveness and let it live its authentic life free from shame. For no matter what we do we can only twist the erotic, but we cannot kill it. Like matter, it can only be transformed. The erotic always survives.