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Meet The Goddess - Introductory Workshop

  • Love & Light Shop Chepstow UK (map)
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Are there parts of you that feel unfulfilled, disconnected or restless, but you don't know why?

Do you have a desire for deeper more soul-fulfilling relationships and friendships?

Do you struggle with self-love and self-worth?

Do you crave to be more in tune with your body, health, sensuality and sexuality?


So many women today are experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as they struggle to find their place in this world. Modern culture has placed many constraints upon us, telling us what is the 'right' or 'acceptable' way to be. You are carrying around these beliefs and learned behaviours as baggage that is blocking you from experiencing life in a way that is authentic to you. The blockages create not only emotional distress but show up as illness and dis-ease within our bodies.

The word Goddess may initially cause you some discomfort, but I invite you to open your heart to the gifts and lessons that she has for you. I am passionate about helping you change this perception, and to allow you to see, that whether you feel it yet or not, you are already a Divine Feminine creation. You are filled with boundless inner wisdom, creativity, passion and joy, which is just waiting to shine through.

Meet the Goddess is an introductory mini-workshop to allow you to begin the journey to meeting the real, authentic YOU. Embracing this knowledge will transform how you see yourself; helping you to understand and love who you are. Truly loving yourself brings your radiance and beauty to all your personal and intimate relationships, which will ultimately transform the way you experience life. It will allow you to express yourself confidently in the world. You will feel empowered, vibrant with a deep sense of wholeness radiating from your entire being.

Imagine what it would feel like to love all of yourself, navigating your path and any circumstance or experience with a sense of grounded joy and ease. Yes, even the challenging ones!

During our time together we will explore practices and rituals to awaken and embody the ancient goddess wisdom.


We will;

  • Learn about the seven chakras and the aspects of the Goddess that are embodied within each chakra
  • Practice opening our chakras through breath work and using pure and potent essential oils
  • Explore activities and practices that you can take away with you to continue the journey
  • Uncover the Goddess phases that are linked to the lunar phases and our menstrual cycles
  • Learn how tuning your menstrual cycle with the lunar cycles can bring instant and huge shifts in your life
  • Invoke the power of the elemental forces to learn how they can support and guide your life

I look forward to journeying with you