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Embodying the Goddess; Embracing YOU

  • Love & Light Shop Chepstow UK (map)

Do you often compare yourself to other women?
Do you find yourself looking for acceptance and love from those around you?
Are you searching for someone or something to complete you?

You are not alone, so many women today are experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as they struggle to find their place in this world. Trying to break free from the constraints of what they have been told is the 'right' or 'acceptable' way to be.

I can tell you now beautiful woman; you were not born to be tamed in this way, you were not born to experience life like this. The gifts that are already within you are waiting to shine through when you allow yourself to peel back the many layers that society has placed upon you.

Embodying your inherent Divine nature and the Goddess within will allow you express yourself confidently in the world. You will feel empowered, vibrant and whole.

This mini-workshop will explore many practices and rituals to awaken and embody the ancient goddess wisdom that you already hold within you. Embracing this knowledge will transform how you see yourself; helping you to understand and love who you are. Deeply loving yourself brings your radiance and beauty to all your personal and intimate relationships, which will ultimately transform the way you experience life.

We will;

  • Learn about the seven chakras and the aspects of the Goddess that are embodied within each chakra
  • Practice opening our chakras through breath work and using pure and potent essential oils
  • Explore activities and practices that you can take away with you to continue the journey into embodying each of the Goddess Archetypes
  • Uncover the Goddess phases that are linked to the lunar phases and our menstrual cycles
  • Learn how tuning your menstrual cycle with the lunar cycles can bring instant and huge shifts in your life
  • Invoke the power of the elemental forces to learn how they can support and guide your life
  • Explore how to create your own sacred space and ceremony

I look forward to journeying with you