Essential Oils

My body has become intuitively sensitive to what it needs for support and healing. as I start my day, I am guided to which essential oils I will apply, diffuse or inhale. when I look up the emotional properties of an oil I am amazed at how deeply in tune I am to what I need at that specific time. My intuition has developed as I have experimented with oils and felt the emotional and physical responses in my body and mind. This has strengthened the inner knowing and trust that was already within me.

Medicine Women and Healers have been harnessing the knowledge and power of plant medicine and the sacred cycles of nature since the beginning of time. Before widespread persecution and silencing, they would use their gifts to serve their people. Their ability to gather the knowledge of plant uses through direct communication with the plants allowed them to form sacred relationships with nature and the elements. Utilising the plants for medicinal purposes and in sacred ceremony, providing magical transformative healing and spiritual enlightenment for their communities.


These women were called upon and honored by their communities for their sacred healing knowledge.

The gifts of these women are within every one of us

Without even realising it, we as women have innate knowledge stored deep within us about which herbs and oils we can use to heal and support our bodies. As we have become accustomed to pharmaceutical medication and western medicinal practices, we have forgotten and lost the trust in our ability to know what we need to heal ourselves.

My own healing journey has drawn me to explore and experience the power held in these gifts from Mother Nature. Every plant holds a magical and medicinal property. When used correctly in the right quantities, they provide exceptional and profound emotional, physical and spiritual support.

Discovering a source of pure essential oils encouraged me to fully embrace their gifts and medicinal potential. Essential oils are extracted and distilled from the bark, roots, stems, flowers, and leaves of plants. When 100% pure they have powerful therapeutic benefits. I witnessed this for myself, using them as a fundamental part of my daily womb practice which led to the healing of my cervical cancer. They have become a deeply integrated part of my life. 

Within all my workshops and classes I will use essential oils as a tool to facilitate healing and emotional support. I will share with you this knowledge and empower you as you embark on your own journey of discovery. This will encourage you to find your own Medicine Woman gifts of intuitive plant healing

a women armed with ancestral wisdom is an unstoppable force
— #wakethewitches