Anchoring to Core Self Practice


Begin in your home base or another safe space. Ground and centre yourself. Close your eyes. Think of a place or time or situation in your life where you feel released and at ease, where you can just be yourself. Where you don't have to impress anyone or achieve anything or exert your power, but where you have power and energy available to you if you need them. Where the focus can on the world around you, not on yourself. 

Say your name to yourself, the name that you most identify with. Notice where it resonates in your body, and touch that place, or find a gesture or posture you can make that makes you feel connected to this baseline state. 

What image or symbol or picture comes to mind that can embody this state? Hold it in your mind as you also touch that place in your body or make your gesture. Is there a word or phrase that comes to mind, a magic word you can use that calls you into this state, a phrase that can counter the phrases of your constricting character? Say it to yourself as you visualise your image and make your gesture. 

When you use these three things together - the physical gesture/touch, the word or phrase, and the image - you can bring yourself instantly into this grounded, neutral, core state.  

Use your anchor and practice coming into this state regularly. Add it to your daily practice of grounding, and use it whenever you get caught up in the dialogue of vision of one of your constricting characters. Notice what changes as you shift away from a constricted state into an open, grounded, neutral place.  

This practice was gifted by Starhawk 'The Earth Path'